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What are the repercussions of a potential Kavanaugh, Ford open hearing?

Amy Walter, Dan Balz, Seung Min Kim, and Reihan Salam discuss the partisan tinge the Kavanaugh, Ford hearing will put on the MeToo movement and the questions senators are preparing for the hearing.


Battleground Tracker: House control edges towards Democrats

CBS News Elections and Survey Director Anthony Salvanto and political correspondent Ed O’Keefe break down the latest insights into the midterms from CBS News’ Battleground Tracker polling.


Christine Blasey Ford commits to public hearing this Thursday, lawyers say

"Despite actual threats to her safety and her life, Dr. Ford believes it is important for Senators to hear directly from her," attorneys wrote in a statement


Gowdy urges senators to be fair to both Ford, Kavanaugh during hearings

Gowdy says that both Kavanaugh and Ford will live with the consequences of this week’s public hearing "for the rest of their lives"


Christine Blasey Ford's congresswoman: Give Ford "the respect she deserves"

"This is not a woman that is confused, mixed up. This is something she has carried with her, just as so many victims do," said Eshoo of Ford


Face The Nation - Seung Min Kim, Amy Walter, Reihan Salam, Dan Balz,

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on what's going to happen in the Kavanaugh, Ford hearing.


Theresa May says she believes Iran is holding up its end of the nuclear deal

Ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, John Dickerson interviewed Theresa May about Brexit and American foreign policy. Tune into CBS This Morning Monday for more of the interview.

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