The Goal: To fly on an Airline You've Heard of for the Lowest Price.

Checking all three travel sites below gives you the best shot of achieving your goal.

1. Check
2. Check

3. Check Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines
What makes these three sites so awesome?

Mobissimo and Kayak are metasearch travel sites. This means that not only do they search individual airlines directly for the best price, but they also include in their searches results from other travel search engines such as and .  Kayak and Mobissimo differ not so much in the airlines they cover (both include JetBlue whereas most other sites do not), they differ in the travel sites they include in their search.  The quotes given to you by Mobissimo and Kayak include all taxes and fees.  Some search sites do not give you the total actual cost of the tickets in their initial quote. 

Southwest Airlines is unique in that it does not allow any travel sites to search its reservations.  Reservation quotes may only be obtained through Southwest directly.  Often times, Southwest can have the better deals than all of the other airlines.

Advanced Techniques in Ticket Purchasing

A less convential way to purchase tickets is via the original model.  Here, you can only choose your travel dates, destinations and the price you bid for your flight.  This will help you achieve an even deeper discount but the travel broker chooses your flight times and airline for you, so flexibility is the key.  You are also faced with heightened restrictions on the ability to alter your reservations.

To use's Name Your Own Price feature, click on the following link:

An Additional Savings Alternative facillitates the sale of airline travel vouchers and credits.  Unlike the above alternatives, buying from an Ebay seller means the purchaser is most likely not dealing with a travel industry professional, but rather, a private individual.  Ebay purchasers should always be on guard if a deal seems to good to be true and should only purchase from sellers with a approval rating exceeding 98% and who have been rated at least 200 times or more.  Buyer should always beware and always read the listing carefully along with all applicable terms and conditions.

To browse Ebay listings for airline travel vouchers and credits, click on the following link:


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